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IP Exchange operates data centre infrastructure showroom with iQdata

Neunkirchen, September 2021. Am Tower 5 in Nuremberg is the address of the former US hangar for combat helicopters, which now accommodates a showroom for data centre solutions, featuring SCHÄFER IT-Systems’ iQdata product range. This is a partnership project, in which the housing and hosting experts IP Exchange provide the premises, while SCHÄFER IT-Systems, specialists for data centre infrastructure and network technology, supply and install the data centre components. The main beneficiaries of the data centre expertise available in the showroom will be decision-makers in southern Germany, investing in future-oriented infrastructure solutions as part of their digital transformation strategies.

As digitalisation advances, the demand for the appropriate technical equipment rises. This of course increases the need for space, energy and cooling capacity. When it comes to planning and implementing efficient solutions, both IT experts and an appropriately compatible and proven portfolio of components are needed, as actually seeing concrete objects makes decision-making easier. 

In IP Exchange’s new showroom are currently eight different IT racks installed

In IP Exchange’s new showroom with cold aisle enclosures, there are currently eight different IT racks installed, each with varying equipment and safety features. These include access control using radio handles, glass and steel doors with and without door contacts, cable managers, separator panels, intelligent power distribution units, LED lighting and rack-based climate control solutions, to name some of the central components. Connected sensors for measuring temperature, humidity and vibration are evaluated in real time via the iQdata rack monitoring system (RMS). 

“As a colocation supplier, we demand the highest standards of quality and security for our data centre infrastructure. IP Exchange has been able to rely on the performance of SCHÄFER IT-Systems’ iQdata product range for some 10 years now and meanwhile exclusively uses iQdata components for our clients’ data centre solutions. In the last business year, with our 51 employees and three data centres in our Nuremberg and Munich locations, we were able to generate a turnover of around 20 million euros. To provide our customers with even better support in their choice of components, we set up the iQdata showroom in Nuremberg”, explains IP Exchange managing director Cornelia Lindner. 

Thomas Wermke, who, as Business Unit Director at SCHÄFER Ausstattungssysteme GmbH, is also responsible for sales at SCHÄFER IT-Systems, adds: “In addition to renting out IT space, IP Exchange also provides complete enclosures with individual equipment features. The fact that the entire iQdata product spectrum is used exclusively here for data centres speaks volumes about the functionality and reliability of our complete solutions, consisting of rack, cooling, power, security, monitoring and service components. In the showroom, we can demonstrate individual iQdata components as well as complete solutions. That’s why we are actively looking for other colocation partners with showrooms to extend our local presence.

An appointment for on-site consultation at the showroom, Am Tower 5, in Nuremberg can be arranged by writing to the following e-mail address:

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