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“Data centre cleaning” improves data centres’ key performance indicators

Neunkirchen, 06th Juli 2020. As the second half of 2020 began, SCHÄFER IT-Systems launched its extended service for data centres. Under the company’s own iQdata brand, the service segment is now offering “data centre cleaning”. This new service is the response to the dangers for data centres and service rooms caused by dirt, dust and corrosion, as described by the Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik - BSI) in its current “IT-Grundschutz” compendium. Operators, customers and insurance companies alike will all benefit from the positive effects of this holistic maintenance approach.

With iQdata, the experienced IT infrastructure specialist SCHÄFER IT-Systems offers a complete range of products for data centres from a single source. This includes a well-established line in maintenance and services, which is now being rounded off by “data centre cleaning”, the physical care and maintenance of IT infrastructures in data centres.
Four cleaning packages are being provided, each including a different range of services: “Data centre cleaning” begins with construction cleaning and progresses through window and façade cleaning and finally to the regular maintenance cleaning of IT systems during operation. The cleaning service covers fans, circuit boards, cables, cabling lines, climate zones and much more. For quality assurance purposes, there will be a cleaning record to conclude each cleaning process and the entire service complies with all currently valid standards and norms, such as DIN EN ISO Norm 14644-1 classes 7-8 for cleanrooms and large data centres.   
The new standard and norm compliant service has multiple benefits: it extends the service lives, optimises availability and increases the operational reliability of all the data centres cleaned. This preventive risk minimisation is also rewarded by insurance companies with attractive premiums, especially for fire protection policies.
“Cleaning data centres is a job for professionals. That’s why we only employ cleaning teams specialised in information and telecommunications technology and with at least ten years experience in dealing with IT hardware for our “data centre cleaning” service. A permanently high standard of qualification is guaranteed for our specialists by periodic training and further training courses“, explains Thomas Wermke, Business Unit Director at SCHÄFER Ausstattungssysteme GmbH and responsible for sales at SCHÄFER IT-Systems.

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