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Space-saving cooling without heating up your server room

The BackCooler, also known as the rear door cooler, is installed on the rears side of the IS-1 rack as a space-saving water-based cooling system.
The airflow routing panel can be positioned variably, allowing the relevant IT components to be installed in the cold rear section of the rack. The resulting warmer section is kept as small as possible and so gives off very little thermal energy to the air in the installation room.

Inside the BackCooler, a rectifier guarantees an even inflow of air to a heat exchanger and filters the air using an intelligent cooling valve.



  • Cold water cooling (CW)
  • High cold water flow temperature
  • Cooling capacity control by optional intelligent cooling valve
  • Targeted hot spot cooling
  • No heat dissipation to the server room
  • Space-saving installation on the rack rear side
  • No additional fans
  • Very energy efficient
  • Rectifier for even air inflow and air filtration
  • Adjustable air routing panel

Technical data

  • Cooling capacity < 30 kW
  • Wide: 120 mm
  • Depth: 600/700/800 mm
  • Height: 2,000/2,200 mm
FAQ Backcooler
Why is the BackCooler particularly energy saving?

The Backcooler is operated without any fans, saving even more electrical energy.
Minimal use of wearing parts also reduces the maintenance costs.

What needs to be considered when choosing a BackCooler?

As the BackCooler is operated without fans, the server fans need to generate sufficient pressure to force the air flow volume over the heat exchanger and the rectifier.

What is the function of the filter in the BackCooler?

The filter cleans the air and then distributes it ideally over the heat exchanger surface by means of its own surface structure. This achieves an even airflow. In addition, the filter serves as a spray guard, which prevents cooling water entering the section housing the IT components, if a leak occurs in the heat exchanger.

How can the BackCooler be adjusted to the relevant heat load?

A control valve, which can be installed in the cold water pipe provided by the customer, is available as an option. Temperature sensors measure the water temperatures and calculate the actual cooling capacity required. The throttle function on the 2-way control valve only allows the volume of cold water actually required to be conveyed into the heat exchanger, thus saving pump energy. This also means that the chiller is always operated at its optimum temperature level.

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