Roof-mounted cooling unit
Space-saving cooling device for closed racks

The coolant-based roof-mounted cooling unit for industrial and server cabinets with a cooling capacity of up to 5.2 kW is especially suitable for small IT rooms. It is characterised by its compact design and is compliant with the IP54 protection rating.

The cooling unit cools the warm server exhaust air in the rack via a refrigeration circuit and dissipates the heat into the installation room. Depending on the room’s design, a room cooling concept must be provided for.


8 different unit sizes are available, depending on requirements. For cooling capacities over 1.4 kW, condensate evaporation is included.



  • Coolant-based cooling (DX)
  • Compact design
  • 2 separate air circuits
  • Compression cooling system
  • Self-cleaning condenser
  • Condensate evaporation over 1.4 kW
  • Hydrophilic coated evaporator
  • For closed racks

Technical data

  • Cooling capacity L35L35 < 5.2 kW
  • Coolant R410A
  • Protection rating IP54
  • 8 unit sizes
FAQ roof-mounted cooling unit
What performance range do the roof-mounted cooling units operate in?

Our roof-mounted cooling units are available in the 330 W and 2000 W ranges.

Is a condensation line necessary on site?

Up to a cooling capacity of 1.4 kW, a condensation line for roof-mounted units is necessary.
For cooling capacities over 1.4 kW, there is already a condensate evaporator integrated in the unit, so no additional condensation line is needed.

What does “L35/L35” mean?

“L35/L35” means that at an ambient temperature of 35 °C and a required temperature of 35°C inside the rack, a cooling capacity of 0.75 kW is achieved.

What needs toe be considered when installing racks with roof-mounted cooling units?

Cooling units operating with coolant transfer the heat load from the rack to the installation room. This is increased additionally by the electrical waste heat from the compression cooling process. The entire heat load should therefore be dissipated by a suitable room cooling system.
For this, especially in the close proximity of offices, the details on sound emissions contained in the data sheet must be taken into account.

Does a roof-mounted cooling unit have any influence on the rack’s protection rating?

The cabinet’s protection rating, either IP20 or IP54, remains unaffected by the use of a cooling unit.