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Edge Data Centre

Compact solutions for decentralised data processing

Network cabinets for decentralised data processing
iQdata Edge Computing

In order to guarantee transmission in milliseconds with increasing data volumes, data centres should (theoretically) not be more than 100 km away. In many places, however, this is not possible. Edge computing aims to bring data processing closer. Edge data centres are decentralised IT locations at the edge of a network. With compute and storage, you have a largely virtual network.

Why are server racks needed for Edge Computing?

Increasing digitalisation has led to data volumes growing exponentially. Real-time transmission is becoming more and more important. Transmission paths are becoming shorter, increasing the need for decentralised IT locations. To meet the security requirements of the various applications, latency times must be low. Thus, the requirements for an intelligent IT infrastructure, which needs to be secure, robust and yet flexible and scalable, i.e. "dynamic", are steadily growing. Standardisation of IT infrastructures is also becoming increasingly important, as standardised solutions are available more quickly and can then be certified.

Dynamic robustness – the performance promise for data centre solutions from SCHÄFER IT-Systems

To provide the optimal solution for your application, we have a range of cabinets on offer. The IS-1 Edge Rack is a compact, single-cabinet solution with 25 or 30 usable height units. For 2, 3 or 4 cabinet solutions with up to 155 useable height units, the IS-1 Edge Row Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 are an ideal choice. All these network cabinets have an IP54 rating.

You can find more information on performance, ventilation, cabinet sizes etc. on our product detail pages, or just contact us and we will advise you personally.

Benefits at a glance

  • Energy-efficient operation of your data centre
  • Low latency times with high data transmission scalability 
  • Reduction of bandwidth requirements through decentralised data processing 
  • Best performance for applications and services
  • Intelligent IT infrastructure which can grow with requirements 
  • Reliable remote access and data analysis
  • User-friendly infrastructure on standardised servers
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Protection from network attacks through distribution to different devices
  • Avoidance of system failures

Products at a glance

Server cabinets for industry

Control of entire production processes

  • Optimised manufacturing, reduced set-up times
  • Automatic production control
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Central programming from design
  • Proactive maintenance and servicing
  • Reduced operating costs

Digital transport and intralogistics

Solutions for the supply of goods

  • Digital data management optimises route planning
  • Punctual and efficient organisation and utilization of transport
  • Automatic warehouse stocking through digital inventory management
  • Individual logistics concepts reduce inventory and warehousing costs
  • Digital document management reduces administrative costs

Network cabinets for branches

Automation of processes

  • Central control of sales promotions - updated daily
  • Advertising tailored to consumer behaviour
  • Electronic price tags reduce personnel costs
  • Automatic material planning and stocking
  • Online shopping and automated delivery processes

Edge computing in everyday life

Digitalisation of working and learning processes

  • Digital data provision, e.g. textbooks or homework via apps.
  • Availability of electronic learning content
  • Enables learning support based on digital performance assessments
  • Easier transition into working life due to a performance portfolio adapted to individual strengths

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