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Colocation rack IS-1
Specially designed for
data centre operators

The Colocation rack IS-1 is divided up into three compartments by solid partition plates covering the entire internal surface area. Cable entry into the individual compartments goes through the separate cable ducts.

Unauthorised access is effectively prevented and a cabinet can be rented to a number of users.
Use in enclosures is possible thanks to the lateral airflow routing panel, which is fitted as standard.



  • Flexibly extendable, suitable for baying
  • Access protection for individual compartments
  • Front and rear door for each compartment
  • Powder coated interior
    (except 19" angles)
  • Rating: IP20
  • Stat. Load capacity up to 250 N / U
  • Light grey RAL 7035 or jet black RAL 9005


3 compartments
2 compartments

Extention height per compartment
3 compartments: 13 - 15 U
2 compartments: 20 - 23 U

Door opening angle
240 / 180° (bayed)

Can the racks be dismantled?

Yes. The cabinet’s vertical profiles are screw fastened to the welded top and base frames. All panelling components and internal fittings detachable.

Can the racks be delivered as a flat-pack?

No. The IS-1 cabinets are delivered upright, fully assembled on pallets.

Can the rack doors be fitted with locks?

All racks are equipped with a standard locking system. This can be replaced by a standard 30/10 DIN 18252/EN1303 profile half cylinder, if required.

How soon can IS-1 racks be delivered?

Delivery time depends on the type of rack ordered and the quantity. A precise delivery date will be given on your order confirmation.

  • Standard complete cabinets: 5-10 working days
  • Individually configured: 10-15 working days
  • Project cabinets (incl. special project-specific components): 30-40 working days
What ratings are available?

All IS-1 models are available with either an IP20 or IP54 rating.

What does IP20 and IP54 mean?

IP20 and IP54 are protection classes which indicate suitability for various environmental conditions as well as the level of protection for people against any dangers during use. The first digit indicates the degree of protection against foreign bodies/contact. The second digit indicates the degree of water protection. There are protection ratings from IP00 up to IP69K.

IP20 means that the rack is protected against solid bodies larger than 12 mm (e.g. fingers). There is no protection against the penetration of water. A rack with an IP54 rating is protected from dust as well as splash water from all directions.

What does colo/colocation mean?

Colocation refers to the situation when your own servers are accommodated in an internet service provider’s data centre and connected to the network from there.

What are Colocation racks and what are they used for?

Colocation racks are cabinets which are physically divided into two or three separate compartments.  Each compartment has its own cable entry and is protected from access from the other compartments. This type of rack is specially designed for internet service providers (so-called co-locators) which rent out their data centre space including the racks.

Where can the products be purchased?

As a commercial customer, you can buy directly from us. As a private customer, you can contact us and we will be happy to give your the name of a wholesaler in your region.

Are Express deliveries also possible?

Goods in stock ordered before 11 a.m. can be delivered the next working day. This service costs € 15.00 extra, deliveries by 10 a.m. the next day cost an extra € 100.00 and by 12 a.m. the next day, the surcharge is € 80.00.

Is there a minimum order amount?

The minimum order amount is € 100.00. Otherwise a minimum quantity surcharge of € 30.00 will be levied.

Do you deliver directly to the final customer?

Deliveries directly to the final customer is possible in Germany at no extra cost. Deliveries abroad must be inquired about separately. Speak to your personal contact or call our customer support staff on tel. +49 2741 283-770.

Are deliveries to the point of use possible?

Yes, deliveries to the point of use are possible. Here, we work closely together with regular logistics partners. If required, our support team will provide you with a check list which has to be filled in. Based on the conditions contained in the list, you will receive a quotation of what the extra cost will be.

Does SCHÄFER IT-Systems also offer an installation service?

Yes, we do. Here, too, we work closely together with regular partners who can provide a professional installation, link-up alignment and waste disposal service. Speak to your personal contact for planning or call our support team (tel. +49 2741 283-770). They will clarify all the necessary details with you.

Does SCHÄFER IT-Systems also offer maintenance and commissioning?

Yes, we do. Maintenance contracts can be concluded for all products we deliver. We also provide specialist staff to help you with the commissioning of various components on site. Tel. +49 2741 283-770

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