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IT cabinets for branch offices
Highest standards in the smallest spaces

This cabinet enables a compact data centre to be installed in the smallest of spaces. Ideal for branch offices, warehouses or production halls, or wherever decentralised data processing is needed. 

Ultimately this can creates complete, pre-assembled cabinet solutions for branch offices that are suitable for baying. Autonomous climate control, integrated cable management, an intelligent power supply and uniform monitoring belong to our standard performance features.


  • Individually adaptable cabinet
  • Modular system
  • Rating: IP20 or IP54
  • Air or water-based cooling
  • Up to 1.5 kW: passive cooling
  • Up to 10 kW: active cooling
  • U: 25 – 47
  • Optional: access control
  • Optional: impact protection pallet
  • Optional: sound insulation

Logistics and delivery concept

  • Delivery in acc. with rollout plans
  • Individual stockpiling and delivery for branch offices possible
  • Delivery lists and freight forwarding management 
  • Optional: transport and impact protection pallet
It cabinet on palett

Impact protection pallet for IT cabinets

The prefect protection from damage in warehouse or factory environments

Our combined transport and impact protection pallet means optimized logistics and assembly costs. It protects the cabinet from damage in warehouses or factory halls where forklifts or warehouse vehicles are on the move.

The cabinet is delivered to the branch on the pallet fully equipped and can be bolted to the floor on site without any further assembly, thus eliminating additional installation costs. Cabinet alignment can be adjusted by means of levelling feet on the pallet.


IT cabinet for printers

Protection and storage space

In shops, warehouses and on factory floors, this cabinet protects multi-function printers from contamination and brings down the noise level. It also provides a place to store documents and printer equipment. The low threshold bar enables the printer to be rolled into the cabinet easily.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Printer rolls in easily
  • Roll-back block
  • Protection against dust and noise
  • Secure access and electrification
  • Suitable for storing data centre equipment

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