Product information Side Cooler LOOPUS (PDF)

Enclosure with side cooler as an open cooling system: Open-Loop with COLD SECTION

Water-cooled rack solutions as enclosures for racks closed at side and open at front and rear and Side coolers
(Open LOOP). The side coolers extract the warm air from the surrounding area from the rear and blow the cooled air back out into the enclosed cold aisle. A raised floor cooling solution is not necessary. The Open Loop system can manage high heat loads per rack while at the same time implementing flexible and energetically favourable cooling.

Enclosure with side cooler as a closed cooling system: Closed-Loop with COLD SECTION

In the Closed LOOP System with enclosure racks and side coolers are used with doors which are closed at the rear but open (or with passive venting) at the front. The side coolers suck in warm air directly from the back of the cabinets and cool it down using the integrated air/water heat exchanger. It is then expelled into the cold aisle, ensuring the effective separation of cold and warm aisles.

Water-chilled Server Cabinet Solution with side cooler: Closed-Loop System without COLD SECTION

In the Closed LOOP System without enclosure the side cooler is mounted right next to the rack of between two server racks which are closed at front and rear. Through the air vent slits in the rack’s side panels, cooled air is fed into the closed server rack. The warm air given off by the servers is sucked in on the rack’s rear side by the side cooler. This circulating air is then cooled by a regulated cold-water heat exchanger and fed back into the rack over its entire height by 5 EC ventilators.

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