SWAP PANEL 9 frame incl. height adjuster

Quick Overview

Innovative frame accommodating a total of nine tiles (each 200 x 200 mm):
standard, heavy-duty, ventilation or cable routing tiles



The modular SWAP PANEL 9 raised floor system offers a range of different floor elements, specially adapted to use in data centres. Instead of the usual 600 x 600 pattern, SWAP PANEL 9 uses a flexible 200 x 200 pattern as well as four different tile variations for different needs: standard and heavy duty loads, ventilation and cable routing.

Additional Information

material graphite cast iron
width (mm) 600
height (mm) 35 (an Auflagepunkten), max. 80
depth (mm) 600
net load 6000 N (class 6)
breaking load > 12000 N (safety factor 2)
additional information incl. height adjuster 4 x 1 mm and 4 x 2 mm

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