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SCHÄFER IT-Systems launches new, improved PX Rack

Neunkirchen, 13th May 2019. The new generation of SCHÄFER IT-Systems’ 19” PX Racks is available as of now. The manufacturer of conventional and complex data centre solutions as well as server cabinets and network technology has updated its rack and succeeded in achieving numerous improvements.

The maximum payload was almost doubled from 400 kilos to an impressive 750. In addition, the side walls, which are now bolted rather than slotted into place, give the rack much more stability, without the need for any other reinforcing elements. This new rack generation sees the application of swing handles, which can now be fitted with DIN 18252/EN1303 compliant profile half cylinders. As standard, cylinders with EK333 locks are used. They can also be exchanged easily on site to enable the racks to be integrated into an existing locking system, for instance. The plinth is no longer a fixed, integral part but can be supplied separately, allowing more flexibility depending on the required application. It’s also possible to mount two plinths on top of each other to create a plinth height of 200 mm. An extensive range of accessories combined with various types of complete cabinet round off the rack family.

“This new generation of complete cabinets will also be available quickly in an express range. Accessories like the plinth will now only be supplied separately. With the new modifications, we have succeeded in providing users with a stronger and more flexible choice in network and server cabinets,” says Matthias Seger, product manager for racks at SCHÄFER IT-Systems.


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