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IS-1 Edge Row Typ 2

IS-1 Edge Row type 2
Two cabinet solution up to 15 kW

Compact two cabinet edge solution based on the proven IS-1 enclosure system for small decentralised solutions. Reliable climate control provided by two Slot-InCooler. Separation of cold/warm zones. 63 or 71 usable height units, plus 8 vertical U in each cover panel. Power supply for the entire system through compact 19" power distributor (Powerbox) with 5 U. Rack extinguishing system and access control inclusive. rack monitoring system: monitoring of all important parameters (temperature, humidity, vibrations, door monitoring, fault messages from UPS, cooling and fire alarm/extinguishing system), fail-safe power supply via UPS.


  • Power supply for the components comes through a busbar trunking system on the cabinet roofs
  • UPS provides fail-safe power supply for the cooling system
  • Power supply for IT components: 4 PDUs (2 x UPS based, 2 x normal mains) each with 24 x C13 and 3 x C19 outputs
  • Compact 19" UPS with 15 minutes autonomy time: 3-phase on input and output side, manual bypass for repair and maintenance purposes integrated in Powerbox

Technical data

  • Depth: 1,200 mm
  • Width: 1,600 mm
  • High: 2,000/2,200 mm
  • Front glazed door, available as single and double wing versions
  • Solid door at rear, available as single and double wing versions
  • Solid plinth, 100 mm or 200 mm (200 mm suitable for accommodating cooling piping)
  • Protection rating: IP54

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