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iQdata Rack
Intelligent server and network solutions for your data centre

The iQdata brand’s modular rack concept leaves nothing to be desired. A broad base of different racks and a wide-range of accessories fully meet all the demands placed on high-performance data centres. Internally, the IT rack’s can be configured individually and are optimally accessible from all sides to guarantee maximum flexibility.

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Which IT rack for which operating site?

Which IT rack for which operating site?

Choosing the right IT rack for a location depends on a variety of factors. Data centres, offices, industrial facilities, remote locations and temporary or mobile facilities all have their own requirements for smooth server operation.

Large data centres often use special racks that were designed for optimal cooling, scalability and high density. It is common for these racks to offer efficient airflow, cable routing systems, and possibly also integrated cooling systems. The racks are usually designed in a customised way and according to customer requirements.

A compact IT rack in the form of an enclosure or a cabinet should include soundproofing for office environments. There is often little space available in offices, and silent operation is required. Often, these racks offer options for an appealing appearance, cable routing and additional security technology.

A strong and resilient IT rack is required for industrial environments. Industrial production usually involves vibrations, dust or increased humidity in the environment.