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Edge computing in industry

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Edge computing in industrial companies

The use of edge computing has now become indispensable in industry. It enables more efficient, more reliable and more responsive data processing. The result is improved machine control, production output and security


Advantages of edge computing in industry:

Fast response times are crucial in industrial applications of Industry 4.0 such as manufacturing or robotics. Delays in data transmission can be reduced by processing and analysing data in real time at the edge. Edge computing in industry enables instant decisions and better control of machines and processes.

Machines and sensors can generate large amounts of data in industrial environments. Edge computing in industry can process and filter data locally before it is transferred to the central data centre or cloud technologies. This reduces the amount of data, relieves the network and reduces the bandwidth.

Edge computing offers a high level of failure safety in industry because the IT infrastructure operates in a decentralised manner. Security and data protection are increased by local processing at the edge and by so-called edge gateways, as data remains within the company network.

Edge computing in industry enables companies to flexibly scale their infrastructure depending on the need for higher computing power. Edge computing technology improves the monitoring, maintenance and performance optimisation of systems by facilitating real-time integration and processing of Internet of Things (IoT) data.

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