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Cooperation with MEGWARE creates synergistic effects

Cooperation with MEGWARE in high performance computing (HPC)

Neunkirchen, 15th June, 2021. Many questions in the world of business and science are now being answered using extreme computing performance. For this reason, in May this year, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research published its new programme “High-Performance and Super Computing for the Digital Age”, which envisages investment of over 300 million Euros over its three-year course. In this context, SCHÄFER IT-Systems, the German specialist for data centre infrastructure and network technology, is intensifying its current cooperation with MEGWARE. The core of this strategic technology partnership is the joint development of future-oriented infrastructure for high performance computing (HPC).

Cooperation with MEGWARE creates synergistic effects
Future-oriented infrastructure for high performance computing (HPC)

The prerequisite for scientific excellence and new value creation potential in business is the availability of the very latest digital technology with exceptionally high computing capabilities. This is the only way extensive test scenarios and modelling processes can be carried out effectively. Performance is currently measured in petaFLOPS, which means in billions of calculation operations per second. This makes the electrical energy needs of HPC centres enormously high, indicated in Megawatts, i.e. millions of Watts. This high power density has led both companies to see it as their responsibility to push the development of sustainable and energy-efficient solutions forward, for instance in the fields of free cooling and waste heat utilization. The construction of such data centres requires know-how and high technology, so that data centre operation can be both efficient and energy-sustainable.

“I am very pleased that, together with MEGWARE, we can offer customer-specific solutions from a single source in this very significant high-performance computing market. The aim behind this is clear: we want to utilize synergistic effects, develop products together and thus contribute to making the best and most advanced HPC technologies available in Germany and Europe – to ensure the success of science and industry. We’ve already successfully concluded projects with MEGWARE in the past, including the alteration and extension of the Leibniz data centre in Bavarian Academy of Sciences (LRZ)”, explains Thomas Wermke, who, as Business Unit Director at SCHÄFER Ausstattungssysteme GmbH, is also responsible for sales at SCHÄFER IT-Systems.

André Singer, managing director of MEGWARE Computer Sales and Service, continues: “Today Germany already has one of the ten most powerful super computers in the world – and it’s the most energy-efficient, too. To make sure it stays that way, we’re taking our successful cooperation with SCHÄFER IT-Systems to a new level and are expanding it even further. Especially in high performance computing, SCHÄFER IT-Systems and MEGWARE have their own specific expertise and core competencies, which are now available to our customers from a single source.” 

In its iQdata portfolio, SCHÄFER IT-Systems offer system solutions for the full-scale equipping of data centres, in particular sustainable cooling systems with waste heat utilization, modular IT racks, high-availability power supply systems, failsafe rack monitoring and services.

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