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Modern data centre with iQdata for online pharmacy

Neunkirchen, 9th June 2021. To organise the supply of medicines more efficiently, Germany’s Federal Ministry for Health is introducing an e-prescription from January 2022. From the very beginning, the Shop Apotheke Europe positioned itself clearly as an online business. Due to the growth recorded in this field, a logistics centre was commissioned in Venlo (NL) with its own data centre, which was equipped with iQdata products from SCHÄFER IT-Systems, the specialist for data centre technology and network infrastructure from Germany. 

The data centre preferred by Shop Apotheke Europe is based on two redundant server rooms. To ensure optimised cooling based on the principles of Green IT, both rooms have cold aisle enclosures. Each enclosure is equipped with twelve IS-1 type server racks. Climate control is provided by four SideCoolers arranged in a row between the racks and, just like the racks themselves, are connected into the overall system via iQdata cable lines. This approach enabled the full implementation of the guidelines for energy efficient data centres recommended by BITKOM. 

Data centre solutions from SCHÄFER IT-Systems

Planning and implementation for the data centre project was taken on by the Bocholt company LOGGATE. Maintenance of the data centre’s iQdata components, however, is defined by an exclusive service level agreement between Shop Apotheke Europe and LOGGATE GmbH in cooperation with the manufacturer SCHÄFER IT-Systems. 

“The major benefits of working together with Schäfer IT-Systems can be found in the simple communication, short decision-making paths and the tailor-made solutions, which we have been implementing together for a number of years in the network, server cabinet and data centre fields”, explains Denis Mugal, managing director at LOGGATE. 

“Besides the e-prescription for prescription-only medicines, all other services, such as remedies, therapeutic aids or home-based healthcare will gradually be provided electronically in future. That’s also why we forecast an increasing demand for the data centre solutions in our iQdata portfolio”, says Thomas Wermke, Business Unit Director at SCHÄFER Ausstattungssysteme GmbH, who is also responsible for sales at SCHÄFER IT-Systems.

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