Edge computing systems for the Vienna Health Association

A modular iQdata solution lies at the heart of the future-proof technology

Neunkirchen, 11th July 2023. The Wiener Gesundheitsverbund ("Vienna Health Association") has equipped a clinic with a compact, decentralised data centre. The core of the edge computing systems is located in iQdata container modules from SCHÄFER IT-Systems. Two important advantages of this flexible solution are its scalability and future-readiness. The project was planned and implemented by SCHÄFER in cooperation with its long-standing partner SCHRACK TECHNIK. Both companies were able to contribute their strengths to the project. The customer received a custom solution based on tried-and-tested components. For security reasons, we have agreed not to disclose the clinic and its location.

In the last few years, a clinic site of the Vienna Health Association (WIGEV) had to be partially demolished and extensively renovated – the building structure dates back to 1907. One of the buildings concerned housed the former ICT room – the hub for the entire clinic IT. This raised the question of where it should go. WIGEV opted for a modular container solution from SCHÄFER IT-Systems.

In concrete terms, the solution comprises two container modules. Each module is infrastructurally based on a water-based air-conditioning concept and provides 32 square metres of space for two server rooms. The two modules were positioned in strategic locations. Each of the two containers has a connected load of 30 kW, which can be increased to 45 kW.

Six IS-1 edge racks are installed in each iQdata module in a hot aisle containment system. To keep the IT equipment cool, waste heat is dissipated via two SideCoolers with water chillers. The power supply is designed to be fail-safe by means of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). IT monitoring, fire detection and extinguishing, video surveillance and access control are integrated into the containers to ensure continuous operation and security.

Each of the two iQdata container modules has a connected load of 30 kW, which can be expanded by 50 per cent to 45 kW.

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