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Free coolers
Energy saving cooling with water

Installed on the roof or in other open spaces, the Free Cooler uses the outside temperature to cool the data centre cooling medium down to 2 - 3 °C above the ambient temperature. Due to its speed control and the large heat exchanger surface, the fans turn less frequently, resulting in noise emissions remaining low. The high-performance aluminium fins increase the size of the available contact surface.
The combination with other iQdata products will enable to provide energy saving cooling for your racks, making you perfectly prepared for a more ecological future.


  • High-performance free cooling
  • Energy savings by using outside temperature 
  • Switching from free cooling to cold water chiller operation possible
  • Very low noise emissions

Technical data

  • Cooling capacity: 15 - 49 kW depending on the model
  • Cooling medium: water or water mixed with 33 % glycol 
  • Height: 1,333 mm
  • Width: 1,130 – 1,578 mm
  • Depth: 1,523 – 3,923  mm

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