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Integrated cooling solutions without additional fans

The energy-saving In-RackCooler provides high-efficiency water-based direct cooling for the CRU without any additional fans. Installation inside the rack makes it extremely space-saving.


A dew-point sensor helps to prevent condensation forming in the secondary chilled water network. The In-RackCooler is always adapted to the respective server manufacturer and installed accordingly.



  • Cold water cooling (CW)
  • Space and energy-saving
  • Direct cooling for CPU
  • No additional fans
  • Mounted in the condensate tray
  • Year-round free-cooling
  • Rack cooling separate from building cooling network
  • Dew-point sensor
  • No condensation in secondary chilled water network
  • Only for use with certain server manufacturers

Technical data

  • Cooling capacity < 50 kW
  • Protocols: TCP / IP; HTTP(s) and more.
  • Height: 6 U
  • Width 19", expandable to 21" with adapter
  • Depth < 1.2 m
  • Cold water flow, primary 50°C
  • Cold water return, primary 60°C
  • Cold water flow, secondary 56°C
  • Cold water return, secondary 63°C
FAQ InRackcooler
How does the In-RackCooler operate?

With the In-RackCooler, IT components, such as the main board, can be cooled directly without any air being supplied. This enables cooling with high water temperatures of 50 °C, for instance.

How doest the leakage monitor work?

The In-RackCooler is subject to constant pressure monitoring. If the pressure drops, an alarm is triggered by the monitoring system. If there is then no reaction and the water-side pressure continues to fall, a major alarm is triggered and the pumps in the secondary cold water cycle are switched off. This prevents the pumps running dry and so cuts out the risk of fire.

Can condensation form on the IT components?

A combined sensor permanently measures air temperature and humidity. An integrated enthalpy calculator determines the current dew-point temperature. This situation guarantees that the cold water temperature in the secondary cooling circuit is always at least 2 K above the current dew point. The difference between the dew-point temperature and the cold water flow temperature can be set individually by the customer.

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